ExponTech WDS V3 Sets New SPC-1 Performance Record

Today Huarui Expon Technologies, the SPC's newest member, published its first SPC-1 result, and set a new performance record. A cluster of 32 ExponTech WDS V3 nodes demonstrated 27,201,325 SPC-1 IOPS ™ with an SPC-1 IOPS Response Time of 0.217 mSec. 

ExponTech WDS V3 is a fully self-developed software-defined, high-performance distributed enterprise-level block storage platform designed for large-scale core data processing applications. ExponTech WDS V3 adopts a decentralized distributed system architecture, enabling smooth horizontal expansion while maintaining linear scalability of performance and capacity with the number of nodes. The platform supports NVMe SSD, SATA SSD, and SCM drives as primary storage media and is compatible with both 25G/100G RDMA RoCEv2 and traditional 10G TCP/IP networking technologies. With its advantages of high performance, scalability, reliability, ease of management, and maintenance, ExponTech WDS V3 fully meets the storage and disaster recovery requirements of massive data in fields such as cloud computing, big data, virtualization, databases, and high-performance computing. It has been widely used in industries such as finance, healthcare, education, government, enterprise, telecommunications, and transportation.


A32027 Metrics Summary


SPC-1 IOPS™27,201,325

SPC-1 IOPS Price-PerformanceCN¥319.25 / SPC-1 KIOPS™

SPC-1 Total System PriceCN¥8,683,920

SPC-1 IOPS Response Time0.217 mSec

SPC-1 Overall Response Time0.144 mSec