Academic Member

An appropriate faculty or academic department member at an accredited academic institutions is eligible to apply for academic membership. Academic member organizations are awarded the same rights as Associate members.

SPC Membership

Annual Dues: No cost to qualifying institutions

A membership application must be submitted and approved before a membership invoice can be issued.

SPC-1 (SPC-1/E), SPC-2 (SPC-2/E), SPC-1C (SPC-1C/E) and SPC-2C (SPC-2C/E) Toolkits and Associated Licenses:  SPC Members

SPC Toolkit with Unlimited License: n/a

SPC Toolkit with Limited License: $500

SPC Academic Membership does not include a site license for any SPC Toolkit.

Contact the  SPC Administrator for purchase of SPC Toolkits and associated licenses.