TTA Improves both Performance and Price-Performance with New Result

SPC-1 Metric   
SPC-1 IOPS™ 800,010
SPC-1 Price-Performance $48.78 / SPC-1 KIOPS™
SPC-1 Total System Price $39,020.00
SPC-1 IOPS Response Time 0.117 mSec
SPC-1 Overall Response Time 0.095 mSec

TTA submitted its latest SPC-1 result, publishing another SPC-1 v3 result using the Gluesys AnyStor-700EK. The new result more than doubled the reported performance, while reducing reported response time to 0.117 mSec. The new configuration joined the SPC's top-10 list for SPC-1 Price-Performance, coming in at slot #2.